Uric Acid Testing

If you have not learnt about Uric Acid and it's role in Gout then please refer to the Gout help section before reading further

Blood Tests

Ongoing blood tests are helpful to gauge the success of Uric Acid lowering treatments for Gout. The goal is to achieve UA readings below 6mg/dL (333 umol/L). It's important to note that not all people with high Uric Acid levels (Hyperuricemia) are inflicted with Gout, and low one off readings do not mean you are Gout free.

Track Gout Online Measurement types

Measurement of Uric Acid levels is normally read in mg/dL or milligrams per deci-litre. Other tests can be reported in mmol/L, millimoles per litre, or umol/L mewmol per litre. Logs on this site are recorded by default as mg/dL, but please check your results and select the appropriate measurement type when recording your information.

Misleading Results

Unfortunately a single Uric Acid reading often does not provide enough information to diagnose Gout. Blood tests can return low Uric Acid readings during an attack. This is probably due to low distribution within the blood stream while Urate crystals are formed. For this reason it's important to continue monitoring UA levels long after an attack has passed. It may take several weeks to provide a realistic indication of your normal levels and its best to monitor Uric Acid levels long term.

Uric Acid Test Kits

Whilst lab tests are desirable for reporting UA levels, the process can be time consuming and inconvenient if you want frequent results. There are a number of home tests kits available that can be used to measure your UA levels at home. Accuracy can vary between devices, but consistency is important to identify fluctuations in your UA levels. If a device consistently reads 1 mg/dL above your lab readings for example, you still have a point of reference to make adjustments. It's a good idea to test your home kit at the same time as lab readings as an indicator of accuracy, and also perform multiple tests in one sitting to ensure that several readings fall within close range. It's also important that your test method is performed consistently.

UASure Uric Acid Test Kit (Recommended)

The UASure, blood uric acid monitoring system is highly recommended for users wanting to log results. The device is simple to use, provides consistent results and uric acid strips that are individually wrapped for 12 months shelf life.

UASure Test Kit

Detailed instructions on how to test your blood uric acid level are provided with this kit.

The UASure Uric Acid test kit contains:

Kits are available from www.uricacidtest.com/

Last Updated Dec 2012

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